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This page is for people and companies looking to buy commodities Click here if you are looking to sell commodities. We specialize in the sourcing, trading and financing of various, commodities and metals. We connect buyers with reliable sellers of physical commodities. We provide buyers with two essential commodities to enable them make intelligent purchase decisions: information and service. We provide an independent perspective on commodity markets and can assist buyers in increasing efficiency and reducing risk. We study market reports, surveys and forecasts and have an established network of reliable suppliers.


  • Buyer issues ICPO or LOI and signs our NCNDA with a BCL
  • Seller issues draft FCO or Final Contract for review by Buyer
  • Final contract is agreed. Hard copies signed & exchanged via courier.
  • Buyer Opens as non operative SBLC (or BG) for seller’s bank
  • Seller issues POP bank to bank.
  • Buyer issues a non-operative L/C to seller’s bank
  • Seller issues 2% PB and activates the L/C
  • Delivery begins as per contract
* Actual terms and conditions may vary.

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