Brazilian Sugar


sugar1With almost 8 million hectares of sugar cane fields, sugar production occupies approximately 2-4% of all arable land in Brazil, making one of the largest producer in the world. Other include Australia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Sugar is extracted from Sugar Beet or Sugar Cane, but only countries with tropical climates produce sugar cane. Sugar Cane has two yearly harvests, allowing year round sugar.

We supply sugar with the following terms and conditions.

Product: Sugar

Commodity specifications: 

Refined Sugar Grade A

Origin: Brazil
Polarization: 99.80%  Min
Ash content: 0.04%  Max
Moisture: 0.04%  Max
Solubility: 100%  Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: Sparkling White
Granulation: Fine

Payment Method:
Guaranty :
1Month or More SBLC/BG.
Payment  : ARDLC / DLC / while we can consider options please contact us.

Delivery: 20-40 days From Payment Method

Origin: Brazil/Other

Minimum Order: 12,500 MT

Packaging: 50 Kg  or other

Inspection: SGS or similar

Price: Subject to quantity. Please contact us with your requirements.


  • Buyer issues ICPO or LOI + BCL and signs our NCNDA
  • Seller issues draft FCO or Final Contract for review by Buyer
  • Final contract is agreed. Hard copies signed & exchanged via courier.
  • Buyer Opens a non operative SBLC (or BG) for seller’s bank
  • Seller issues POP bank to bank.
  • Buyer issues a non-operative L/C to seller’s bank
  • Seller issues 2% PB and activates the L/C
  • Delivery begins as per contract
* Actual terms and conditions may vary.